The creative process starts right here!

By reading this sentence you already started the creative process of me and my website. If you go to my portfolio right now you will see some examples how your video/film could look like. The last step is to write me an EMAIL, so I know what kind of video/film you need. After that I will create a shooting plan and will try to fit the plan into your "free time" so everybody can concentrate on the fundamental things at that exact moment. No matter if it is an Image Video for your company or a short film project.

My Skills

Premiere Pro
After Effects

I'm making films for you!

let me introduce myself.
My name is Nick Bosch and im a 20 year-old student. I'm in the second semester of film school. I'm working since 2 Years in the film industry making my own films.
I have already worked as a second camera-assistant on film sets of the ifs in Cologne, and I am currently in my semester abroad to create a short film with Kickstarter.
My semester abroad takes place in Tallinn, Estonia and we are working on the Production of our biggest shortfilm project.
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